IP: terraria-minigames.fun

Port: 7777

Players online: 1/75

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Build Zone

Our server has more than 80 building regions. They can be purchased for coins.

Enter the build zone: /build

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You’re getting rewarded with coins for playing games. Vanity items can be bought in the shop for them.

If you vote for our server in the rating, you will get a 1.5 coin earning multiplier for this day.

Enter the shop: /shop

Check your pockets: /coins


Each level of this parkour was built by players. You can submit your own level in our Discord server.

Enter the parkour: /parkour

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You can catch someone’s attention by mentioning him. Type @nickname. You have to be in the same game though!

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To make your message stand out, enclose it with curly quotes: {sample}

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