IP: terraria-minigames.fun

Port: 7777

Players online: 4/75

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There is a total of 15 unique minigames available.

Fizzle Floor

Floor is crushing right under your feet! Try to stay alive as much as possible!

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Death Run

Complete an obstacle course, while other player is trying to kill you with various traps!

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Sky Wars

Fight other players on floating islands with various items found in chests!

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Compete with other players in completeing a track. First to finish wins!

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Build My Thing

Build a given word, and other players will try to guess it!

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Push other players off of arena, and try to stay atop yourself! Latest surviving player wins.

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Become the Murderer and kill everyone, or the Survivor and try to not die!

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Hide & Seek

Transform into a block and hide. Be careful not to move, as it will break your disguise!

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Hot Potato

This game will force you to run around with hot potato in hands. Your goal is to give it away as quickly as possible to not burn yourself!

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One in the Chamber

You get a rifle, a bullet, and a sword. Kills give points and bullets. Use your sword if you missed a shot. Greatest player wins.

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Gun Game

Start the game with level one, and get levels when you kill, or lose them when you get killed. Each level gives you a different weapon. Player who gets a kill with level 10 weapon wins.

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Arrange your ships and prepare for tabletop battle!

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Take all enemy checkers!

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Strike a checkmate to win!

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Throw a ball into enemys gate to get a point for your team.

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